New international trailer, stills for The Shape of Water

There's no shortage of sub-aquatic sentiment in the latest international trailer for Guillermo Del Toro's fairytale-esque The Shape of Water, released in UK cinemas February 14th, 2018.


The Shape of Water ★★★★★ review

by Nadia Bee Through a door, ajar, the camera slips into a dark, blueish, watery home. The sound of creaking wood, a low rumble, a swoosh, as if one were at sea in an ancient sailboat. A sunken sailboat: everything is underwater, floating dreamily in a tranquil space cluttered with old fashioned furniture – a … Continue reading The Shape of Water ★★★★★ review

Here To Be Heard: The Story of The Slits ★★★★ review

by Jamie Brown There is a buzz about the BFI Southbank on the penultimate night of LFF 2017. The festival schedulers have a nice habit of reserving one of their Saturday night slots for a music documentary premiere, and this year it's the turn of a new screen biography of punk icons The Slits. Similar … Continue reading Here To Be Heard: The Story of The Slits ★★★★ review

Sci-Fi Love Stories, part three: The Lobster

by Jen Scouler From the films we consume from a young age, to the narratives drawn through the media we read every day, the idea of finding a partner for eternity is still sold as one of the key goals in life. There must be that special someone for everyone, with the envisioned achievement often … Continue reading Sci-Fi Love Stories, part three: The Lobster