Guidelines for Submissions/Pitches – updated November 2017

Welcome to Cinemazine – thankyou for stopping by!

Are you a freelance writer, experienced blogger, or just looking to practise your craft or express your thoughts?

We’re looking for original, thoughtful, heartfelt, and accessible writing that is centred on but not restricted to: film, TV, cinema and cinema culture, and notable industry news. Passionate critical analysis of films and TV will be the true focus of the site and we’d like to specialise in: films now showing, mainstream and independent cinema, current/classic TV series, video on-demand, and more.

We will also consider features, retrospectives, opinion pieces, and reviews on books, music, gaming, and pro wrestling. As a new site, we feel it’s important to diversify and offer writers as much opportunity to express themselves on as wide a range of subjects as possible.

As a new site with a small crew of contributors (volunteers and freelancers) with potentially niche subjects on the table, it is not our aim or intention to always be the “first over the line”, but to be positive and true to ourselves, and to our readers, with honest and engaging analysis and opinion. The ability to convey readable and relatable ideas, and self-expression, are more important to the character of the site than trying to meet every arbitrary cultural deadline.

We should not shy away from discussing tough subjects or relevant current events, but challenge ourselves to do so positively and with sensitivity to all peoples, from all backgrounds. When writing a review or feature for the site, we encourage you to consider and discuss the political and social context of your subject, and to speak your mind at all times.

  • Review guidelines

Reviews should be in the 600-1000 word range. We would ask that you make a note at the beginning of the review if it contains plot spoilers. We would also ask you to consider the technical and aesthetic choices made by the films’ directors, actors, and producers, and how this may affect the film and its audience.

  • Feature guidelines

Features and other pieces should be in the range of 800-1600 words, though we would love to hear your ideas, and are open to longer pieces (or a series of articles) if agreed with the editor via email in advance.

Notes on submissions and deadlines

Please always provides a list of sources at the end of the article where appropriate. All articles should be submitted in Word document format unless otherwise agreed, with a simple black font (Arial or Minion, for example) on an A4 white paper background. Please see other examples of similar work already published on the site for a guideline on how reviews will be formatted.

Advertising and screeners

The site may advertise from time to time but this should never interfere with the quality or integrity of the article. We will accept screeners and advance copies – please e-mail Our long-term intention is to keep up with the costs of running the site via Patreon donations, which we hope we will earn the right to ask for over time with quality writing and a positive sense of community and quality social interaction with readers.

Payment for writing

We will be happy to discuss payment for original features and reviews – those appearing on for an agreed amount of time before appearing anywhere else – by word count or per article on an individual basis.

If you’d like to write for us, please email us with links to recent examples of your writing (Word documents or links), what you’d like to cover for the site, or any ideas for features that you may have, as well as your current rate per article/per word.

For all submissions, pitches, ideas, (and particularly when attaching files), please use the site email