Oh, my goose: behold, the most adorable video game trailer of 2017

by Deryn O’Sullivan

The pre-alpha footage for Untitled Goose Game – released by Australian indie House House this past week – gives us two gloriously light-hearted minutes of stealthy mischief starring a cheeky, misanthropic goose causing havoc for a beleaguered village gardener. 

Backed by a jaunty Dan Golding piano track, the Curious George-esque Untitled Goose Game is one of those joyful, hilarious trailers I’ll probably watch over and over again when I need a moment or two of levity from Twitter. And it looks like comedy gold! The goose’s roadrunner-like reactions when running away to hide, versus the gardener’s utter disbelief at being humiliated by, um, a goose. Truly, a rivalry for the ages beckons.

HouseHouse were also responsible for the 2016 PS4 game Push Me, Pull You. Untitled Goose Game is currently set for a 2018 release. In the meantime, may I suggest Goose Theft Auto as a better working title? I’ll be anserine any questions you might have over at @citratesully.

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